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Taylor Swift Midnights Album

Taylor Swift Midnights Album (10th) Studio

Taylor Swift Midnights Album (10th studio) full length  will be released on October 21 Midnight sharp.
Pop ambient genre, album is set to satisfy her original fanbase.

Album Composed of two editions Standard Edition – 13 tracks and Deluxe Edition – 3 tracks.

Midnights penned, music composed and sung by Taylor Swift from The Latest Studio Pop Album Midnights and via Music label Republic.


In this post, you will find Midnight Album details and song play list.

Album Credits
Album Title Midnights
Singer/Vocals Taylor Swift 
Lyricist Taylor Swift
Music Taylor Swift
Movie/Album Midnights
Music Label Republic
Release Date

Taylor Swift Midnights Playlist on Apple:

 Track list details

Standard Edition

Side A

  1. Lavender Haze
  2. Maroon
  3. Anti-Hero
  4. Snow On The Beach(featuring Lana Del Rey)
  5. You’re On Your Own, Kid
  6. Midnight Rain

Side B

  1. Question…?
  2. Vigilante Shit
  3. Bejeweled
  4. Labyrinth
  5. Karma
  6. Sweet Nothing
  7. Mastermind

Midnights – Deluxe edition

  1. Hits Different
  2. You’re on Your Own, Kid (Strings remix)
  3. Sweet Nothing (Piano remix)

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